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Sri Lanka is situated in the Indian Ocean off the southern coast of the Indian sub-continent in South Asia. It is home to just over 20million people, and has its own currency- the Sri Lankan rupee. Up until 1948 it was part of the British Empire, and as a result still has certain English traits such as driving on the left. It has a long and varied history, and there are plenty of historic sights to see. This mixed in with its great weather makes it a fantastic destination for wind junkies and cultural buffs alike!

The best time of year to go kitesurfing in Sri Lanka is from May through to September. The weather in Sri Lanka is complicated by the fact that it has two monsoon seasons, but for our kite school, which is situated on the West Coast it is definitely better to go in our summer. The rest of the island can be a favourite spot for more cultural people, and this can be accessed all year round. The wind tends to blow most of the day in the resort of Kalpitiya, which is our favourite resort on the island and so the one that we have chosen to offer to our customers. It peaks at around 30knots but is often more consistent at 20knots- either way there should be plenty of wind there for you!

Kalptiya is a peninsula of Sri Lanka that developed to one of the most favoured kitesurfing spots because of its reliable winds and the stunning environment. Just relax and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.
Optimum Wind / May / June / July / Aug / Sep