It is very important that you have travel insurance arranged before you travel which is sufficient to cover your planned trip. Although there are many different providers of travel insurance in the market, not all are able to offer cover for kite surfing. One such provider offering competitive policies tailored towards kite surfing and adventure tours is Columbus Direct.

As a special arrangement with Columbus you are covered for kitesurfing on the sea within a 12-mile limit from land & this will be confirmed on the policy schedule issued to you, there is no need to add any additional sports activities unless you plan on doing sports other than this.

Columbus offers both single trip and annual multi trip policies, if you would like to get a quote, please click on the link below. If you require insurance for Dakhla only, please choose a World Wide policy excluding USA, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean as the Western Sahara falls into this category.

If you're concerned about your expensive and valuable equipment, as many of us will travel with a full quiver of kites, please do note that the standard range of policies offered by Columbus provide single item cover for up to £250. Optional additional cover for up to £2,000 sports equipment is available, via the Columbus Direct call centre. For a personalised quote, please call the travel insurance booking line on 0844 606 0610 quoting the Windseeker code WINDCC. You will have to specify the make, model and approximate value of the item/s, so you may wish to have this information ready before you call.

You do not have to purchase the travel insurance mentioned above, as you may already have arranged cover, or decide to take cover with a different provider. If you already have or plan to arrange alternative travel insurance, please read though the terms and conditions carefully to ensure you are suitably covered, including for any activities you plan to participate in and the full value of your sporting equipment. Either way you will need to have your travel insurance arranged prior to us sending out your travel documents.

Please note that this is holiday insurance with the main focus of emergency medical, repatriation, cancellation and curtailment, for liability insurance you will need to join the British Kite Sports Association or put similar insurance in place.