Ambassador Program

You can become involved in Windseeker Holidays by becoming an Ambassador for the company.

Simply tell all your friends what a great time you had with us and we will give you a discount for each of your firends that subsequently books with us. Not only that but they will get a £15.00 discount too!

The whole idea of booking though Windseeker will be to have a great and unforgettable kiting holiday. You will be coming home from a warm and windy spot and by the time you have finished telling all of your friends about your fantastic trip and adventure, they will be green with envy and wanting to head off themselves. You will also be thinking about when and where to book your next trip!

By becoming an ambassador, you will not only start to earn some money towards your next trip but also save some money for the person that you refer on to Windseeker.
In addition Windseeker ambassadors will also have access to some crazy deals on Ozone kites, along with the opportunity to be invited away for an Ambassador long kite weekend in September to one of our carefully picked centres.

It is all pretty simply, for each person that you refer you will get £15.00 towards your next trip and they will also receive a £15.00 discount voucher for their holiday. In order to get started you need to give us five names and then that's £75.00 towards your own trip or a healthy discount on new kit.

You could soon significantly reduce the cost of your next trip and have also fun referring people to Windseeker Holidays, knowing that they too will have a fantastic time. You may even wish to try out some of your marketing skills! As well as chatting to your mates on the beach why not hook into some of your kite surfing buddies friends on Facebook or put up posters at your work or college.

We have a limited number of Ambassador positions, so If you are interested simply email your name and contact details to along with a couple of sentences as to why you think you would be a good Windseeker ambassador and we will be in contact with you.